Scrap Car Singapore: The Easy Way to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Car and Get Paid

If you are looking to scrap your car in Singapore, this comprehensive guide offers the necessary insights on how to swap your unwanted vehicle for cash. Whether you’re deciding on whether to scrap or export, looking for the best car scrap dealer in Singapore, or trying to get the highest offer for your car, we cover all the things you need to know about scrap car Singapore, ensuring you get the best price for your car.


Why scrap your car?

With high car prices in Singapore due to COE (Certificate of Entitlement), it is no surprise that many Singaporeans decide to scrap their cars once the COE expires. Not only can you get a COE rebate, but scrapping your car also opens up avenues for a new car. Besides, the value of your scrap car in Singapore may also surprise you.

Selling Your Car in Singapore

Step-by-step guide to scrap your car

To scrap your car in Singapore, the first step is to get a quotation from an LTA-approved (Land Transport Authority) scrapyard or exporter. Provide the car details to get a car scrap value quote. Once you decide to scrap, the next step is to deregister your car with LTA and cancel any existing car insurance. Subsequently, hand over the car to the scrapyard and receive your compensation for your scrap car.

Benefits of scrapping your car

One of the primary benefits is that you can avoid hefty fines imposed by LTA for not deregistering your expired COE vehicle. Plus, by scrapping your car within the time frame, you can claim your rightful COE rebate and receive a significant payout for your scrap car.

Finding the Highest Price

How to determine the value of your scrap car

To determine the highest scrap value for your car, the main factors considered are your car’s make, model, age and condition. If you have a popular make and model, you’re likely to get a better price. Similarly, a relatively new and well-maintained vehicle is likely to fetch you more.

Choosing a reliable scrap car dealer in Singapore

Choosing the right scrap car dealer in Singapore is crucial. Always opt for LTA-approved dealers. They should provide a friendly service, a professional step-by-step guide, and a fair, no-obligation quotation. They should never force a sale.

Scrap or Export?

Exploring the options

Whether to scrap or export your car in Singapore depends on factors like the age and brand of your car, COE value and market demand. Often, cars over ten years old are better off being scrapped.

Understanding the benefits of exporting your car

Exporting your car may fetch you a higher price if there’s overseas demand for your car’s model. However, it involves higher costs and more hassle compared to scrapping.

Selling Your Car to a Scrap Yard

The process of selling your car to a scrapyard

Selling your car to a scrapyard involves deregistration with LTA, getting a quotation, booking a date for your car’s collection and receiving your compensation. The entire process is generally smooth and hassle-free when you choose a reliable scrapyard.

Things to consider when choosing a scrapyard

When selecting a scrapyard in Singapore, consider their reliability, the price offered for your car, and their service quality. Choose a scrapyard that offers the best price and great service.

Getting a Car Valuation

The importance of getting a car valuation

A car valuation provides you with a benchmark for negotiating the best price for your scrap car. The car valuation must be based on accurate information about the car’s condition, make, model, and age to reflect the true scrap car value.

Factors that affect the valuation of your car

Factors that affect your car’s valuation include its brand, model, age, market demand, and COE. These factors affect how much you can get from scrapping your car in Singapore.

The Benefits of Scraping Your Car with Us

Why choose us to scrap your car?

Choose us to scrap your car in Singapore because we offer the highest price, coupled with a smooth, hassle-free scrapping process. Our LTA-approved practice ensures you don’t fall foul of regulations, and we never force a sale.

Our step-by-step process

Our professional step-by-step process ensures that you receive the best service from us. From offering a free, no-obligation quotation based on your car details, to seamless deregistration, we ensure you get the best car scrap value.

Pricing and Hidden Fees

Understanding the scrap car price

The scrap car price is primarily determined by the remaining COE, car’s brand, model, age and condition. At our scrapyard, we are transparent about pricing, ensuring you receive the highest offer without any hidden charges.

Dealing with hidden fees when scrapping your car

Always inquire about any potential hidden fees before you commit to scrapping your car. Some yards may charge for car collection or paperwork. We firmly believe in quoting an all-inclusive price.

Outstanding Hire Purchase Loan

What to do if you have an outstanding hire purchase loan

If you have an outstanding hire purchase loan, you will need to settle it before you can deregister and scrap the vehicle. Failing to clear your outstanding car loan may affect the process.

How it affects the price of your scrap car

An outstanding car loan can negatively affect the price of your car, as some dealers might deduct the outstanding amount from your car scrape payout.

Selling Your Car at a Lower Price

Reasons for selling your car at a lower price

You may consider selling your car at a lower price if you urgently need to get rid of the car. However, you should only settle for a lower price when the trade-off offers greater benefits, such as saving on potential fines or getting a faster COE rebate.

Considering the trade-offs

While a lower offer may seem appealing initially, consider the trade-off. Understand what you gain from accepting a lower payout before making your decision.


Making the decision to scrap your car in Singapore

In conclusion, the decision to scrap your car in Singapore is dependent on various factors. Understanding these factors helps you make an informed decision. And, when you do decide to scrap your car, visiting ensures that the process is smooth and rewarding.

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